What Is a Content Creator and Their Value to Your Brand?

Collaborating with a content creator is one of the best ways to source content for your marketing campaigns. With their dedicated following on different social media platforms, content creators distribute information about brands and raise awareness on different issues. They strike up discussions, encourage engagement, teach their audiences, and maintain a wide social network.

All this can benefit your brand and ad campaigns through the social proof of those who are already trusted by hundreds of people. However, you can’t simply go on social media, pick someone in your niche with a large following, and hope for the best.

In this article, you will find out more about what is a content creator, how these people can benefit your brand, and what attributes to look for in a professional.

What Is a Content Creator?

A content creator is someone who contributes information to digital and traditional media. However, in the modern sense, “content creator” meaning is usually synonymous with “influencer.” If a content creator has a strong following — an audience that enjoys their creations and values their opinion — that’s an influencer.

A digital content creator job description coincides with this meaning as well. Influencers create written content, photography, audio, and video production that is used on social media, in the blogosphere, and anywhere else online.

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Would Benefit from Content Creators

There are many reasons why your brand can benefit from a collaboration with a content creator slash influencer, but it all boils down to three major factors.

1. Content is a vital part of any brand.

A brand is made up of different entities, but at the center of it all is content. It can be easily called a brand’s backbone, comprising web design, fonts, colors, images, and texts. Without the presence of content, you have no way to connect with your audience, fuel SEO, or educate your potential customers.

Content helps build a trusting relationship with consumers. For example, if you sell physical products, people are more likely to buy if they can see the product from different angles. Even more so if you collaborate with a content creator on Instagram to unpackage it.

2. A content creator/influencer is a brand’s key to the target audience.

You can’t connect with your entire audience face to face, which is why influencers help you connect with them through digital media. It enables you to communicate your brand’s values, the “why” behind it, and the personal stories that brought the brand to what it is today.

People buy experiences, and so they want to know that you are someone they can connect to. This is why collaboration with content creators is significant to a brand — it helps reach a target audience rather than advertising blindly. For example, a meal prep subscription service can collaborate with a content creator on YouTube to produce a video on what the product looks like inside and how easy it is to cook using the ingredients and instructions provided by a real person.

3. Content can help a brand generate more leads.

Both the content and the following can have a massive impact on brand promotion and marketing campaigns. Content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing, and the reasoning is simple. First of all, consumers would rather read engaging articles and scroll through beautiful photos or watch IGTV posts than look at ads.

Second, people trust the opinion of content creators they follow and would rather buy a product or service based on their recommendation, rather than a faceless ad.

A Few Marketing Statistics on Content Creators

There are almost 1.5 million accounts on Instagram alone that have a following of more than 15K users. However, simply falling into the category of influencer doesn’t make these people good content creators that can benefit your brand.

How to Spot a Good Content Creator

Different signs will help you spot a good influencer, among others, in the business. Excellent digital creators always have certain creative and professional traits that set them apart from the average.

A Good Content Creator Reads a Lot

Good content creators always ensure that they are up-to-date with all the happenings in their industry. Apart from news, they also keep an eye on the trends to be ahead of their following.

They sift through the internet with a fine-tooth comb to stay ahead of the game. For example, they can set up an RSS feed with a blog app to receive tailored information regularly or subscribe to websites dedicated to their niche.

As far as spotting a good reader goes, you’ll see that a content creator you’re interested in reflects up-to-date information in their posts.

A Good Content Creator on Instagram or Facebook Writes Regularly

Apart from just writing when social media posts are created, professionals are always practicing it, even if they won’t use what they wrote down — for example, through journaling. They use this to exercise their brain muscles, and some of their write-ups come in handy later on.

Suppose you see a content creator who spends ten or fifteen minutes daily just jotting down different ideas about everything related to their niche. In that case, this person understands the core of content creation.

As a brand, you want to look for high-quality writing in posts. If they are easy to read and you believe in what is written, that’s your target content creator.

Takes the Time to Study Their Audience

No good and experienced influencer dives into developing and sharing content without having in-depth information on the target audience. The people who consume the content are essential to achieving your goals, and good influencers understand that as much as you do.

For instance, when discussing content development, expect a professional digital creator to ask questions about the age, location, job title, family size, gender, and even salary of your intended audience. Without information like this, the content won’t have any destination.

Has Developed a Unique Style and Voice

Look out for an influencer with a unique style and voice. If the content stands out, your brand will also stand out.

If a content creator can follow your guidelines but also seamlessly integrates them with their creative ideas to generate great content, that person is a valuable collaborator. Their style and voice are also consistent with what they have shown before throughout the time you work with them.

For example, suppose your brand is based on cybersecurity, and the content developer and influencer finds a way to incorporate real-life stories into the content. In that case, it will be more unique and engaging than just writing about what malware is.

Curates Content

A unique style is not the only factor that requires consistency. Influencers curate content that comes from their own doing, sharing, and working with brands. Their feeds create a narrative that subscribers want to follow, and they can fit in a mention of your brand in a way that doesn’t break the story.

If there’s anything to go by for you as a brand, look for influencer accounts that show consistency.

Understands KPIs

It’s not only about creating content but also seeing results. A successful digital influencer knows what the performance indicators are and how to develop strategies to reach them. Some performance indicators that creators focus on today include social media traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic, and submissions.

Look for a content creator who can tell you more about their KPIs than the number of followers they have.

Offers Solutions

If you have a digital creator who only follows your guidelines and doesn’t show any interest in adding value to a campaign with their own ideas, you’re working with the wrong person. Good content creators don’t just make commentaries but also contributions.

Although they pass the information along and follow your brand rules, they also meet the specific needs of their target audience and increase the brand’s confidence.

Pay Attention to a Content Creator on Instagram or Facebook with a Smaller Following

A content creator can be considered an influencer with a <1K following — the so-called nano-influencers. However, a brand can benefit more from a micro-influencer — accounts with 1K to 100K followers — while paying less than for a macro-influencer (>100K followers).

Micro-influencers are at the crest of the wave today, as they are more affordable for brands who want to advertise, and at the same time, are no less potent if employed together. What are their benefits, except for a lower advertising price?

The Quality of Followers

Usually, we make friends with people who share our interests. So, if your social media page is about tech, beauty, business, traveling, or whatever else, probably most of the readers are interested in the same.

The Trust Factor of Micro-Influencers

It’s simple: if an account has 5,000 to 10,000 followers, there’s a big chance that many of them know the influencer on a more personal level (live or online) and would trust their advice — better than even a celebrity, in many cases.

The Reach of Content Creators on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram

The more followers an account has, the lower the percentage of regular readers and vice versa. This means that a micro-influencer is more likely to reach out to a bigger part of their audience than a macro one.

Some Statistics on Micro-Influencers for Brands

There are different positive statistics on micro-influencers for brands based on the 2018 Global Micro-Influencer Study. Some of these statistics include:

Wrap Up

Content creation is essential in promoting any brand, especially if you want to be a brand that is close to the audience. It also helps you generate leads and educate consumers about your brand, rather than just advertising to them.

As long as you go for a good content creator, you can develop fantastic posts for your brand and attract your target audience at the same time.

If you are looking for a good digital creator to collaborate on your marketing campaigns and more, give PublicFast a try today. It’s a fantastic platform that simplifies the process of finding influencers, creating campaigns, and retrieving insights on campaign progress and results.



How do I become a content creator?
You may become an influencer and make money on your social media account if:
the number of your followers reaches at least five (and preferably six) zeros;
you choose a topic and dedicate your page mainly to it;
your statistics are good (people read, like, share, and comment on your posts).

What is the work of a content creator?
The work of a content creator involves doing research, reading up on the latest trends, scheduling content production, and posting it on the Internet.

Who is the best content creator?
The best content creator:
Posts regularly, at least once a day for Facebook, and at least three times a day for Instagram.
Sticks to the topic with 80% of the content dedicated to their main subject.
Is consistent, interesting, and writes without grammatical mistakes.
Uses or creates high-quality pictures.
Has a style with content that is strikingly different from all the rest of the existing content.
Appeals to emotions, and provokes discussions and emotional responses. That’s what makes posts popular.
At least from time to time, posts useful content with expert opinions or advice (how-to posts).

How do content creators make money?
Content creators make money from collaborating with brands. One of the easiest ways to do it is by using a platform like PublicFast that allows you to explore campaigns and be discovered by brands.