How to Build an App Like Instagram

Nearly 45% of the world’s population currently uses social media. That equals 3.48 billion individuals who share photos and videos from their lives with each other on social media. Therefore building a social media app like Instagram can attract investors with a compelling concept. Given these figures, it is evident that photo-sharing applications attract a significant portion […]

SaaS Applications: Challenges and Tips for 2022

SaaS is a popular model because it allows businesses to reduce IT costs and increase flexibility. So much so that 80% of companies will switch their systems to SaaS by 2025. Developing a SaaS application and outsourcing SaaS development proved to be the best bet to mitigate risks and deal with common SaaS development challenges. The primary reason is […]

Top 6 SaaS Business Models That Will Transform Your Company

There are different types of SaaS business models, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) sector has undergone exponential growth since it burst onto the scene in 2005. SaaS businesses are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. They are typically more affordable than purchasing traditional software and easy to use. Massive amounts of time […]

5 Reasons to Update Your Redmine That Can’t Be Ignored

One universal takeaway from 2020 is that remote work is here to stay. As the world adjusts to the new normal of working from home as much as possible, CTOs and CIOs have to be a step ahead and unlock technology’s full potential to facilitate remote collaboration among decentralized teams. Choosing the right software and […]

How to Determine the Best Team Structure for Software Development

In this article, we’ll take a step-by-step approach in explaining the right team structure for software development. In recent years, the industry has been transitioning towards adopting self-managing, multi-skilled teams that focus their efforts on delivering usable software. Understanding how the different types of teams are formed will help you decide whether you need a […]

What Is Data Engineering and Do You Need It?

In today’s world, data is the key to almost any business’s success. The more data you process, the more advantages you’ll have over your competitors. You may be surprised to learn that about 2.5 quintillion bytes of business data are generated each day. Using data science, you’ll be able to utilize it according to your […]

A CFO’s Guide to Marketing Budgeting and Measurement

Where do you draw the line when investing in marketing? Any business is created to generate profit. You invest money into your team and into developing and maintaining a product or service, and you expect it all to pay off. And every single unit, every single action, should work on making that happen. The same […]

What Is a Content Creator and Their Value to Your Brand?

Collaborating with a content creator is one of the best ways to source content for your marketing campaigns. With their dedicated following on different social media platforms, content creators distribute information about brands and raise awareness on different issues. They strike up discussions, encourage engagement, teach their audiences, and maintain a wide social network. All […]

The 16 Most Important Pros and Cons of using Python for Web Development

Did you know that Python was named after Monty Python? One of the world’s most popular coding languages, Python was first conceptualized in the late ’80s, influenced by the ABC and Modula-3 languages. It has come a long way from its first release in 1991 to the 2.0 release when it became an open-source project, and […]